Lincoln: No Safety In Numbers


In Lincoln, where I am currently staying, the roads are long and flat. It’s farming country, the kind of place where you will drive for an hour banked on either side by herbivores and hands of wheat. Continue reading


Chris: Prince of the Bakers

Today when I placed my vote, I couldn’t help but think of an old college comrade taken much too soon. All the roads he would’ve travelled, and hopefully travels now in spirit. In every crook of every corner of the world, his easy laughter rings out. His look of constant surprise. His gentle nature, quizzical smile. I feel privileged to have ever called him a friend. I will sing his name as long as I breathe air.

Praise up, Doddy!

Chris Dodd


Festivus 2015: Portrait of the Stairway Strangler

Once you reach voting age, Christmas should really only be about settling painful scores on the one day you know everybody will be in the same place. Anything else and you’re only denying justice to your enemies – or “family” as they prefer. Continue reading